Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 8: More Portraits

This week we continued portraits/head drawings. On Monday I drew Megan's 3/4 back angle. I like how it turned went surprisingly well. On Wednesday I was the model, and that was probably tougher than drawing!

For the 3/4 back drawing, I struggled at the start with getting the head proportioned right. I started with the face and made that look pretty good, but then the skull/back area was too small. I then had to erase the face (which sucked cuz I was pumped on how that turned out) but in the end it was for the better. I struggled with the eye and made the eyeball too big. I thought I could see more of it so I drew it out too much. After studying it a bit more I was able to draw exactly what I was seeing - not what I thought I saw.

I struggled with the ear as well. I made it very flat looking and it just didn't look real. After talking with Amy, she suggested making the top have more of a roll/thickness to it. The result was a more believable ear

The hair was fairly difficult as well, specifically the back of the head and pony tail. The back looked very flat, but after adding contour lines behind the ear it really brought out depth and space. I tried to make the pony tail look like a solid structure and then reduce it. At first it looked like a banana, but it eventually turned out pretty well. I had to curve the bottom more.

On Wednesday I modeled, and it was tough! I hope the drawers got what they needed. But it was good, and I have more appreciation for life drawing models.

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